Wednesday 6 March 2013


Is anyone else getting an extraordinary amount of SPAM mail at the moment?

I'm starting to get very annoyed with these time wasters.......Do they not realise that before their messages go to air they get deleted.  In fact as soon as I see anonymous they're gone!!!!

What can we do about it? If anyone has any answers I'd love to hear!  I'm wondering if Wordpress have the same problems. Maybe Blogger need to do more, I don't know............just that SPAM spoils blogging.  What do you think?



Kylie said...

I hear you Sue lol! I get 100's of spam comments and it's driving me nuts lol! I've tried different setting but they still keep coming roflo!

Kylie XX

Granmargaret said...

I had to put moderation for comments onto my blog also as I was getting spam messages.
Have only had one since then.

Gillian R said...

Yea with you on this one Sue. Getting loads of then right now. Surely blogger can do something about.

craftieodmae said...

yep, I hear ya!!!! It's happening to all of us!

Kathyk said...

I've always had moderation in place but have often considered word verification to ward off all the blooming spam! Don't want to do that though as it puts off legitimate commenters too but ..... after a ten day forced blogging absence I found I had more spam than genuine comments - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Selma said...

I agree with you Sue. This is getting out of hand. I discovered I can go to search at the top of emails and type in anonymous and they come up in a list and I can delete them all at once but lately lots are appearing on my blog. I can't find a way to get them directly to spam.

lostinpaper said...

I'm with Wordpress Sue and I think they filter a lot before I get them because I only get 1 or 2 every few days. Although at Christmas I had a run where I had 13 a day for a short while and this stopped when I changed my password. I'm not sure how this compares, but it sounds like you may be getting more than that. Not sure if this is helpful or not.