Saturday 20 December 2014

Knock knock......

.............. is anyone around?  With just a few days to spare I'm sure you're all up to ears in Christmas!!!!  Here in Australia we've had a less than happy run up to the festive season and I'm thinking our usual laid back attitude is going to have to endure a high security presence over the holidays. Still it is what it is, the poor families of those involved have a lot more to come to terms with.

Here in our little corner, it's been a hectic time since we returned from the UK.  We're upping stumps and moving it less than 3 years ago that I was packing up a house to move......yes!  This time I plan to take less of everything with me, I have way too much stuff and to tell the truth it's weighing me down.  I was a much happier crafter with less 'stuff', so lots of that 'stuff' has to go.  Don't be surprised to see a list on my blog (somewhere) of bits on offer and eBay too, probably.

We're not moving too far from here and it will be all new........I've never had a new house before so I'm quite excited about that.  We've sold our house on the river in principal, just waiting for the contracts to be exchanged and with Christmas on the doorstep that might get pushed back until early Jan.  We'll have some time to kill before we can get into the new place so 'the boyfriend' is talking about hitting the road in a caravan!!! He thinks it's too good an opportunity to miss and would be a great adventure. I'm sort of on board, trying hard not to worry about all the things that need to be organised first.  My imagination runs riot when my head hits the pillow, thinking of things that could go wrong...........but that's just me, as he says ..... not happy unless I have something to worry about.

I've been a very bad blogger I know,  only really blogging the things I was committed to.  With everything else going on I've lost touch a bit and my interest in card making has taken a nose dive.  I hope it's just gone into hiding and will re-emerge when we're  settled  down again.  I've been taking a few photos and keeping a bit of a journal so that might be something I can keep up whilst we're 'between houses'.  The blog will definitely be a bit quiet.

I know I said I'm getting rid of lots of 'stuff' but here's the thing.........Santa came early, bringing me a Silhouette Cameo V3. Well, it's got to be a lot easier than lots of metal dies and hand cranking machines.........right.  Oh and being able to print and cut, not to mention adding digital design paper! Think of all the possibilities.

I'm loving it so far its great it is to be able to hook this machine up to my Mac and just play!  I've had for a few years a Pazzles Inspiration cuter which works on the same principle, but mine uses a Windows operating system and I've had way too many issues with it connected to my Mac. Yes....Pazzles now have a version of their software in Mac format but I decided on a complete change, so these's another thing going on sale :).  I'm tossing up between my sewing machine and my Cameo to take away with me. What do you think, maybe take the cameo a printer and my lap top with just some hand sewing? Decisions, decisions.............

After all the chat I do have a card to share with you today.  It's a Christmas shadow box card and was cut on the Cameo from a design by Lori Whitlock called Winter City.

How cool is this and really quite simple to make up.  It folds down flat and measures 5 x 7 inches. The Silhouette Store have lots of designs by Lori in this style and sooooooo many other great cuts too.

Well that's it from me this side of Christmas.  I hope you have a wonderful festive season and thank all those who have stuck with me, even though my posts have been few and far between :-)

Merry Christmas from our house to yours, see you in the new year................

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Kathyk said...

Yes, we've been hearing a lot about Australia in the news this week and, sadly, no tin a good way. Terrible tragedies one at a time but two in such a short time too. Terrible.

GOOD LUCK with de-stashing and preparing for your move.

Your make today is amazing, brilliant way to break in your early Christmas present!

Seasons Greetings


Lorraine's blog said...

Good luck with your move, the road trip sounds fun, go for it. Have a lovely Christmas and peaceful New Year. xxx

Patti P. said...

Merry Christmas! Sue, good luck with the move, loads of work but I am sure you will be happy in your new house. Enjoy the trip in between....remember, No worries!
I too love my Cameo, so much fun just designing on the laptop when you don't have time to craft. I have been so very slack on my blog, but hoping for a restart in the new year, just too many other things going on at the moment.
Hugs, Patti

lostinpaper said...

Eeeek, you have some serious thinking and organizing and fun times ahead of you girl. The thought of packing house and building house and grey nomading.... WOW! Definitely take the Cameo, the possibilities are endless (just take a look at your shadow box card), and a sewing means you have to thread a needle, it's so overrated.

Linda Langes said...

Wow that is one amaaaazing card - looks just fab! Love the white:) I hope you get lots of use out of your new toy. Best of luck with the packing and moving and the interim "camping out" ha ha. Merry Christmas Sue! xx

Theresa's Studio said...

Merry Christmas, Sue! Good luck on the new home. I too have not been very good commenting on blogs lately. Love your card...I have that file to make. I received a Cameo last Christmas and have had lots of fun creating in a different way. Will be stopping by more in the New Year.
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing card.
I had noticed your pins and they are so tempting.
Enjoy packing for your trip how exciting. I wouldn't be able to choose so would try and take both the sewing machine and the cameo :). As for downsizing I don't think I could do it - best of luck deciding what has to go.
Wishing you and "the boss" a Merry Christmas.

Janelle said...

Truly amazing card, Sue. Love the dimension in it. Would have to be a fav type of card lately. Merry Christmas and good luck in deciding what has to go - I've been trying for a year to decide what needs to go so I can fit back into my craft room - result - I'm all over the house now!!! :)