Thursday 7 July 2016

Sharpie Fun.......


I picked up a bunch of Sharpie pens whilst we were in America........not that we can't get them here, we can, but Walmart had these for $10US ....BARGAIN!  I only went in for milk, you can imagine what the boss said :)

I had in mind trying a watercolour effect on some plain clothing..........OK not today, but I'm working up to it.

I have, instead made some bookmarks. Always handy to pop in with thank you cards!

These started life as a 2 litre plastic milk container.  

If you want to try here's the what and how! 

What you need:
Coloured Sharpie markers (4), 2 litre plastic milk carton, Isopropyl alcohol  (available in Bunnings here in Australia), household scissors, corner rounder, Spray can of Varnish, twine and beads or ribbon to embellish.

How to:
  • Add some boiled water to a clean, empty milk carton. This heats that horrid glue they use to add a label.  After a minute the label should come off clean.  Any glue left can be taken off using eucalyptus oil.
  • Using household scissors cut down the centre of one side of the carton. (the one without the handle :) )  The flat bit front and back of the carton was what I used.
  • Cut  two strips from the front and two from the back of the carton. Round the corners and using a whole punch, punch a hole in the centre of the top of each strip.
  • Now the fun bit, using several Sharpie markers fill each strip with colour. 
  • Next you drip dots of Isopropyl alcohol randomly over the coloured plastic strips and watch the colours meld into each other.  ( if you lay the coloured plastic flat you get the circles but on my pink and purple ones I held them up to let them  run.)
  • Once dry, (it takes no time at all), a light spray of varnish will stop the colour from rubbing off
  • Thread some twine through the punched hole and decorate with a few beads.  

This was a fun little project for a rainy day.

Thanks for calling past today, see you soon.................... 
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lostinpaper said...

WOW!!! I've never seen this effect before and bookmarks seem such a good place to start, you can never have too many of them and you also get to play with lots of different colour combos too, I'm liking the green one!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am going to pin this - I actually think I have everything for this project at home already. Although I wouldn't mind a trip to bunnings! We go through about 12 - 15 litres of milk a week so it wont take me long to get enough plastic for the book club girls.

I can imagine what the boss said :)

Lorraine's blog said...

Got to try this one Sue, I now work as a Volunteer at the Hospice Day centre with the patients and always looking for crafty things to make and do,this would be great. Thanks for sharing. We have done Sharpies on fabric then free motion machined to make a shape usually a flower. Keep warm it is about 27 here today very warm. x