Wednesday 30 December 2009

Hello......How was Christmas???????

Hello Blogger's,
How's everyone getting over Christmas? Did you, like me eat too much and dare I say drink more than usual???? I hope Santa brought you all you hoped for.
Walshie and I had a great holiday on Lindeman Island, dancing with the GO's!!!!!
The weather was amazing, very hot with no rain until the day we left. The factor 30+ was used every day and we still look brown as berries. My back let me down though, the day before we left the island I reached across the breakfast table to pick up Ian's plate and I felt it go...... Ian had to help me in and out of chairs from then on. Still it didn't spoil the trip so that's the main thing.
No cards to share as yet, as soon as I can I'll get busy. I'll be changing things a bit in 2010 though. I've got some exciting things happening and I want to try and get on with some quilting too, so think I'll be posting just a couple of times a week, for a while anyway.
Hope you're going to be seeing in the New Year in style - with friends and family.
Till next time...............


Robyn said...

Oooh! What are your exciting happenings??? Can't wait to find out!Glad you had a good time and that your sore back didnt spoil all that dancing!! You are as bad as me...I have a sore knee and am hobbling around at the moment...Going to see the physio tomorrow

craftieodmae said...

Sorry your back went out........but glad to hear you had a good time. I'm excited for your new changes. I need to spice mine up a bit too. change is good some times. Take card and Happy New Year!! I'll be watching yall on TV New Years Eve LOL. Wave at me LOL

The Other Patti Sue said...

I'm so happy your back! I've missed you! Glad you had a great holiday and hope your back recovers quickly!

Fiona said...

Happy New Year !
Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas but sorry to hear about your back. I hope it is better soon.
Look forward to hearing about your quilting. I'm hoping to do more quilting in 2010 too.