Monday 5 March 2012

Monday, Monday

Hiya Bloggers,

How was your week end?  Here in Sydney it rained more or less all day Saturday after a very soggy week.  I've all but given up being worried about open house.....what a time to be selling. 
Walshie put his foot down this week and said lock the doors out to the balconies and back garden! If anyone wants to check out outside they can walk around the footpath :)  We're both really over it and have vowed not to move again.......remember I said that will you?

Sunday was two loads of laundry sorted then by late afternoon the heavens opened once again.........Not too sure where all this rain is coming from but the dams are full, the farmers are happy so better not complain.

Had a bit of a clear out in the craft room......nothing too serious. Sorting through card scraps and filing stamps into ring binders in the hope that it will be easier to pack them away :)

Playing with card got the creative juices flowing so I thought I'd make a card to combine two weeks 'Topical Tuesdays' challenges over at Stamp, Embellish, Create.  Have you joined us over there?  You really should :)

Kylie featured emboss relief (with the dreaded sponging!) then this week Sue K shared some Copic fun.... which she made look very easy......I think I need to play a bit more with it though!

Anyway I'll stop gabbing and share my little note card:

Still need to work on sponging with that special 'weapon' and the dots......well as I said need to play some more with this out :)

Thanks to those who still pop past and leave me a little note to let me know.........You're the best!



Lisa Lara said...

Oh this is so fun Sue!

craftieodmae said...

wasn't that a Mama & Papa song, Monday, Monday...........any whoo, love the card!!!

The Other Patti Sue said...

This is crazy cool Sue! Love your design and combing both techniques!

Kylie said...

This is one gorgeous card, Sue! Loved how you combined the two techniques!

Take Care,
Kylie X

Sue said...

what a fabulous combination of the techniques Sue, loving the contrast of the bright yellow and orange against the kraft!
Hope the rain is easing up for you and your lucky buyer comes soon!

Kym Weber said...

Such a pretty card, Sue! Love that bright yellow! Wonderful stamped image! Fabulous creation!

Hopefully soon you'll sell the house and then you both will be able to relax and enjoy life!

Susan Hogan said...

Love your note card - spots and all! sponging is great. Do you pop paste? What's it taste like then? sorry - sick sense of humour! Raining here as well - a land of drought and flooding plain we are!

lostinpaper said...

What a beautiful card Sue! Love your flourished embossed panel! Selling houses is so stressful, particularly because mostly it's out of our control, hope the right person walks through very soon!

A Consuming Passion said...

Ahh Susan H......too funny! Don't you hate a typo that stays put because the spell check doesn't pick it up!!!
(Pop paste should read Pop past) :)

A Consuming Passion said...

Ahh Susan H......too funny! Don't you hate a typo that stays put because the spell check doesn't pick it up!!!
(Pop paste should read Pop past) :)

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Lol, too funny. I am sure you are not finding all the rain as funny. Gosh I hope it stops for you and Walshie, soon. Glad you felt the urge to create something. It very sweet and colorful.

Lyn S said...

Great card combining the 2 techniques Sue!

Good luck with the house selling!

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

Love that pop of yellows on kraft, stunning.

Had wondered how you were fairing on the house selling front with all this rain ... poor things. Hopefully Mother Nature gets the message that a break from the wet stuff would be nice for a while.

x M