Saturday 20 June 2009


Sorry I haven't started making cards again, still sorting laundry!!!
I've been asked if I have some Holiday snaps to share  - do I!  

The South Island of NZ is an amazing place with breath taking scenery. For those of you who haven't been I want to share some with you.
I will try not to bore you I promise,  just a few pictures each time over the next few days. It might just inspire you to make the trip. 

The camera came out as we started our descent into Christchurch. I was lucky enough to be sitting next to the window and the Southern Alps were too good to miss from this height!

Christchurch, our first full day and there was a cold wind - I had to buy a hat!!!
A very nice man from LA took this picture for us.
The cafe is in an area where they have all the local arts and crafts. There are many of these buildings around town as well as some more modern, as seen below in the Art Gallery - I just loved the curved glass front.  The City is very English in lots of ways - The River Avon runs through  it and they have Punts on the river.    Maybe in Springtime!

Last one for today was taken in Cathedral Square which is really the heart of the City. The Cathedral is another Gothic building with beautiful stained glass windows.  We did view the inside and plenty of people were taking pictures but I don't like to!  We were lucky, there was an organ practice in progress during our visit - the sound was wonderful.

OK so that's enough for now, I'll pick a few more for tomorrow!!!


NinaB said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday pics. It's nice to see snow while we're scorching hot over here in the Southeast USA. I can't wait to see you get creative again.

Kerrie said...

Love your hat Mr Walsh, it must have been really cold. Look forward to seeing more, glad you both had a good holiday, and Mrs Walsh, can't believe you didn't purchase much!.... not like you....

Jo in Oz said...

Gorgeous pics Sue. It's definately on my list of places to visit eventually. Looking forward to seeing more over the next few days. Jo x

Fiona said...

Lovely photos Sue,brings back lots of memories, especially the cold ! Looking forward to seeing more.