Thursday 1 October 2009

No Post today!!!!

Well that's not right cos I'm posting this quick message!!
I've been working out in the garden today.......Ian was painting out the back of the house and I was clearing an area of garden out the front. 31C the temperature reached today...... and it's still only Spring. Walshie got his car back from the panel beaters today after a woman in the local shopping centre drove into the car parked next to him, pushing her into the side of his 4week old car. He made me smile when he said the panel beaters had had it almost as long as he had.

I wanted you to know that I've been working on some Christmas cards for a pack they're almost ready to show you . I've also finished another digital card from Mo Manning which is kinda cute.

Tomorrow 1pm our time is the new Gina K release party over at SCS and this looks like being an expensive time judging by the previews............all the new Christmas sets are so good. Ah well as my Dad used to say 'Money was made round to go round' .......I'll send mine to Gina!

OK that's it till next time (tomorrow all being well)..........

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Mary Anne / MA54K said...

It was nice seeing you last night also! I get dizzy from the speed of it! I did my major damage and the funny thing is, I had a list and ended up with things differently. It is so hard to decide sometimes! I just love your Dad's saying! Is there a security code on my blog? I don't get it so I have no clue! Lol!