Sunday 25 April 2010


Today is the day all Australians and New Zealanders remember those service men and women who gave their lives in Wars around the world. They gave their lives that we should enjoy freedom. Thinking also about all those with family members serving today.



Shirley-Anne said...

Respectful of you to start your blog this way and I thank you . I too have reflective moments today sparing a thought for those who did make it back home not always without injury or mental anguish .

CraftinGranny said...

Thank you Sue. My husband is a retired SGM who spent 30+ years of his life serving our country and then another 14 years teaching young students to become leaders. We appreciate your acknowledgment of all military personnel, especially those that have sacrificed their life to protect their country and loved ones.
"Hugs" Granny

Kathy Jones said...

Amen....Lest We Forget.