Friday 24 July 2009

Circle of Friends.

Good Morning,
How's everyone today?
I received this lovely 'circle of friends' award yesterday from Juls and now it's my turn to pass it on to five dear blogging firends. It's a hard choice I've been lucky and made so many friends out there but here goes.
I'd like to pass it on to the following in no order:
Selma at:
Robyn at:
Olga at:
Kym at:
Kerrie at:

Enjoy girls.

Till next time...


craftieodmae said...

Wow! Thanks sue, I am so honored you picked me.......I know who I'm sending it to already! I love the stamp, it's the Roses LOL

Kym Weber said...

I agree with Olga - it's definitely the Roses - us getting together by the ocean and going for a stroll on the beach - enjoying each others company, laughing, sharing and maybe even crying. Wow! When are we all going? Thank you so much Sue - I am truly honored that you choose me - I have been so blessed lately with my circle of friends that I have around me. Thanks again! Luv and hugs!!

The Other Patti Sue said...

Hi Sue, I had to come visit your blog! I received the circle of friends from Olga! What an honor! Your blog is awesome!I am now a follower!! Stop by and check mine out! I just got it up and going on Monday. It's great fun and very addicting! LOL!I'm at
Have a great day!

Selma said...

I'm a little late in thanking you Sue because I have been on vacation. I want to thank you for this lovely award. You are such a sweet friend.