Friday 29 January 2010

Technically Challenged me!

Hello Blogger's,

This is a cute kiddies card, well sort of. It really didn't need the ribbon did it .... for a kiddie!
Ah's the second of some cheap stamps I bought from Riot (a bit like Michael's, I think).
It actually prints Dinomite right up next to the image. I've just separated the sentiment for this card. Quick and simple, coloured with Prisma's. Some piercing on opposite corners and four brads.

I had planned to show the two boxed card but I'm so not happy with the photo's I've taken and that's opened a can of worms!!

My brother took a look at my pictures and said they could be improved.........I knew this.... so agreed!

He's made a few suggestions, which I'm struggling with. I'm feeling a bit technically challenged at the moment but am determined to get on top of it. After trailing round all the Camera Shops and getting little to no help at all, I picked up a couple of new white light globes today for 'The Light Tent' . The lights that came with the tent were really nowhere near bright enough. I used the two white lights along with my Daylight floor lamp and though it's not 100% it's much better. Still think I might get one more! This photo was taken in the tent and I've followed my brother's instructions or at least I think I have!!
Ah look at this gorgeous award passed on to me by Patti. Thanks Pattie and don't worry if your Mojo turns up here to find mine to play with.........I'm keeping it!!!!!! ROFL.
I have to tell you things that you might not know about me... so here goes:
1. I'm technically challenged.
2. Ditto
3. Ditto
4. Ditto
5. Ditto
6. I'm like a dog with a bone, won't give up!
7. Ditto
8. Ditto
9. Ditto
10. I'm not very good at these things!!!

Now as usual I would like to pass this on to all of those who pop back to my blog on a regular basis to see if I've been at all creative!!!! You guys deserve it more that me at the moment.

Ah well, I'll get there.....eventually.

Hope you have a great week end.

Till next time.......


The Other Patti Sue said...

Your card is adorable as usual! If my mojo makes it all the way there you put it on a plane and send it back to Idaho ASAP :0)

CraftieConnie said...

Cute little Kiddie Card, Sue, great for a little boy!!!

Juls said...

he is gorgeous!! Love this card!

Robyn said...

Photo looks great to me Sue! What a cute card-Love the little stamp and very nice DSP! ....but I am a "stickybeak" and wanted to know 10 things about you that I might not know! cheated!!LOL)

Kerrie said...

What's wrong ...... your card is cute ..... when you get your flowers your mojo will be back, will drop in over the weekend

craftieodmae said...

WOW! I didn't know that! I thought you were very Technical!! You always have every thing so together! You just to hard on your self!

Betty Benton said...

I think you might just be a bit frustrated -- doesn't technical stuff do that to most of us???? Don't sweat it -- I think your photos are just fine and improvements will come with practice. Love you bunches!

Kathy Jones said...

What a cute card Sue - just perfect for a child!!!! Sorry you've been having trouble with the lights, here's hoping things improve now!!!