Monday, 6 December 2010

Hello Blogger's,

What a hectic week's that time of year isn't it?  The rain eased up enough to get the laundry sorted but the big thing was the On-Line Craft Class over at the Pazzles Classroom.  I was up early for the first session where I took notes and tried to follow along, best I could. By the second session I was more organised with two computer's,watching on one and designing on the other!!!

I have to tell you I didn't make all the sessions, but have been back to watch most of the recordings.  Which has been good for me because it means I can hit the pause  button if I need to figure something out!

What a great crowd of ladies though and the instructor Klo is an amazing patient, answered every one's written questions.  I'm not sure how she did it because lots of the breaks were for one or a  couple of hours only and she was working on projects to be ready for us back on line.

I'm telling you this so you don't think I've been slacking off ....... at this busy time of year!  So far I only managed to complete one of the projects the rest are sitting in the computer ready or almost ready to cut!
I'll share but it will be a while!

So, drum's my finished project The Little Shingled House.  All designed and cut on the Pazzles Inspiration.  With the shingles designed from scratch, cut individually and attached.  I changed my door from a plain rectangle and added the shaped 'window'. I also added the little flowers under the open window.

Someone mentioned about putting a photo in the window, which would be quite nice.  I was keen to show you what I'd been up to though........

OK it might not look like much to you but I was so thrilled after the PI sat in it's box for almost two years, hardly ever used because I couldn't make head nor tail of it!!!!

OK moving on......
We've been out and about a bit too, so I took some crochet cotton with me in the car and worked on these little 5 petal flowers everyone seems to be using on their cards.  The pattern was downloaded from the being able to do that!

They were quite quick to crochet and I think they should work well with a little button in the centre.  Would you like ...... some of these to play with?   OK just leave me a comment letting me know and I'll pick someone to send 6 of these little 5 petal flowers.

OK back to work......Annabelle has a couple of lovely sets coming up for December with Previews due to start on the 15th.

Thanks for dropping by, if you read my ramblings........thanks!

See you soon,



Deborah Frings said...

Morning Susan

That's a really sweet little house - love it!! I wish I could crochet! I never quite got the hang of it, so I'd love to be considered for some sweet crocheted flowers :)) Glad you were able to join in on the class.

The weather in my part of Wales is lovely at the moement - blue skies, lots of sunshine, but freezing cold!! Actually lovely.

Take care
Deborah x

Andrea said...

Oooooh ..... Aaaaah ..... Wow Sue, I think it's amazing what you've created and learnt!
Love your crochet flowers as well! I bought a book of different flowers to make a couple of months ago, and how many have I made?

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

I'm in love with your house! Instead of a photo, you could put a christmas tree and then it would be a great christmas card!

Good to see you had heaps of learning fun!

:) Marcia

craftieodmae said...

I love the house!!!! You did so darn great with this!!!!! Love your flowers too.

slbt17 said...

they are very pretty!

Shirley-Anne said...

Hello Sue Love that little house , clever project that one . love the shingle roof.
I would love some flowers made with your nimble fingers . thank you for the chance to apply .

The Other Patti Sue said...

This is soooo cute! Love the roof... so creative. Your little window in the door makes it so adorable! Love your little crochet flowers... I haven't crocheted in years :0)

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I tried making a few of these flowers just from memory and they came out okay, not as fab as these though! Your little house is awesome, Sue. Good for you with figuring out and doing the classes!

Susan Hogan said...

Your house is perfect! Love the round door top and the flowers. Makes it a home. I remember crochetting those flowers. I must get the pattern from the net and get out my Mum's old needles and so some myself. Glad you liked my baubles - your work is so lovely, when I get a good comment from you, I am super pleased.

CraftinGranny said...

My but you have been one busy lady lately. I so admire that you could do those classes and use 2 computers at the same time. I haven't been able to multitask since I had a stroke and it's so frustrating. Your little house is just adorable Sue and quite an accomplishment. I love your crochet flowers, they are so pretty! I've tried to make some but I get lost in the counting Hope to be around to visit more now that I've got some energy. "Hugs" Carol

Lorraine said...

Love the house so cute. The petal flowers are just gorgeous you have been so busy. Our snow has cleared but it is very cold. Looking forward to going to Guernsey for Christmas to see my daughter Rachael husband Rupert and little Herbie. First time in 42 years I will not cook the lunch on Christmas Day. Yeepee.

Jose said...

Love that cute house, would make a lovely New Home card, and those chochet flowers are gorgeous, could I have the link to the pattern please.. Jose x