Wednesday 8 June 2011

New Blogger

Just popped in to answer Olga's question about new Blogger.

I've  been using Blogger in Draft for a while. It's a behind the page side of blogger.....the bits I see and not my
Blog page that you see!
Back in April (I think) the people at Blogger starting rolling out their new format which they say is totally new not just bits and pieces added to the original system.  For us it's a little different in that you open to a new overview page which has a graph with your stats and a section telling you if you have comments waiting for moderation as well as how many comments (in total) you've received, how many posts you've made etc. From here you tab to different areas of your blog. For comment moderation, posting etc. The Dashboard screen is new with more info at a glance which is really good too .   I really like it....more streamlined!
Back later today with Heartfelt Creations new June release!!!

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Deborah Frings said...

Hi Sue -- Thanks for posting this - found the New Blogger and like it too!