Thursday 21 February 2013

Is it Friday yet?????


I've had a very frustrating week! Computer problems.......some caused by me.....true.

My external backup disk wouldn't back up! It went through everything and at the last moment I got an error message.  Still working on this problem.....hours of reading everything I could about Time Machine and the FreeAgent Drive.  Still not working ..... and I'm sick of the message that keeps coming up telling me to try Disk Utilities and running the Diagnostic test.  I've done this, several times, and it says the Disk is fine!!! Any suggestions, other than chucking it as far as I can???

Next, I couldn't empty the computer Trash Bin!!! Another day messing around until a very helpful Welsh man on some forum, suggested I download a little program call TrashIt.  Left that running overnight and thankfully came back to an empty Trash bin :)  Hopefully with no other nasties attached.  

I'll own up, this problem was caused by me.  The last time my Backup disk played up I thought perhaps it would help if I 'trashed' a few of the early files! (even though this should happen automatically......yes I know !).  This is apparently a big  NO NO and was why the Trash wouldn't empty.

Here's the thing, when companies make techie stuff I really think it would be helpful if they could add a list of the things you shouldn't do in plain know for those of us who aren't or don't have access to a that a big ask ? 

So now I'm sitting in front of 'said' computer after a relaxing day spent sewing with friends. I've made just one card this week and that's ready for AnnaBelle's on Friday.  Did you check out the February release? Some lovely Easter goodies!

I do have a share though. Remember this post where I shared a picture of a Wren who visits my garden.  I wanted to try and sketch one, something I haven't done in ages.  Well it took a few goes and lots of rubbing out, but eventually I got something I was reasonable happy with.  I coloured it using Prisma' kind!   I think I might put this in a small white frame for my NEW room which is coming along nicely!!!

Is it Friday yet???? I'd quite like this week to be over :)



lostinpaper said...

This is truly incredible Sue. You have captured the colours perfectly, and yes a white frame would be lovely. As for your computer problems, I'm afraid I'm not much help, if it's a program I know how to use then ok, but other than that I'm not very confident. Good luck.

Juls said...

very stylish!! hugs Juls

craftieodmae said...

sometimes I hate computers LOL, your card is eye popping gorgeous!!!!

Betty Benton said...

went back and checked out the picture of the wren -- stunning bird! You are so lucky to have him visit you!! And your sketch is perfectly wonderful (says me who can hardly draw a stick figure!!) As to the computer -- can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I could go on and on about computer trouble right now, but it looks like you have plenty of your own. In brief I post comments on blogs, see them, leave, and then they are gone. It looks like I have neglected everyone!!!! Love the little drawn wren! You do nice work! Keep Calm and Blog On, Sue!

Lenoria said...

Your wren is perfect, you did a fantastic job! I empathize with you about the computer problem, I spent all day yesterday on the phone with ATT and Netgear and neither solved my problem! So, thank you for such a relaxing picture, it just makes me smile!

Darnell said...

Sorry about all the computer problems, Tilly! Your post sure ended happily with this stunning ART you have created. Yes, yes, and yes to framing and hanging! It's sensational!

Skye said...

The wren is just lovely. You have captured him perfectly. Definitely needs to be framed and hung.
There used to be a very funny British TV show, IT Crowd, and when they were contacted for help they would either tell the customer to turn on the computer or turn it off. That is the extent of my techie knowledge

Anonymous said...

Hope you have the computer problems sorted by now.

Beautiful bird.

Angela said...

You poor thing Sue!! My kids are computer geeks and are very handy when I have a problem!!
Your wren is absolutely stunning, you are talented!!! It will look gorgeous in a frame.

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

Wow, what a striking blue! Gorgeous colouring.

Darn computers, lost without them, annoying at times, but we wouldn't have it any other way!