Sunday 25 October 2015

Why would you.......

want to jump off a perfectly good hill?

That's what I said to Walshie when he told me his mad friend Kev from Perth offered the chance to do just that!

Paragliding is Kev's hobby and he travels over here to NSW for training.  It's great to catch up with him whilst he's here, even though I know the boss will be mad keen for some adventure!

Our weather has been lovely, just a little windy most days.  This said I believe on the odd occasion flying was possible over the coast with some wonderful coastal views to be had.  Hundreds of whale sightings too.

Sunday morning the flying team were heading in land, meeting up at Long Flat (such a great name don't you think?).  It's a small hamlet with a very convenient Pub which is the meeting point for all sorts including paragliding.

Ian was offered the chance of a tandem flight so off he went, leaving me firmly attached to the land enjoying a clean tidy 'van'.  I gave him strict instructions to call me after his flight so I would know he was safe and sound!   

Knead less    (oops thanks spell checker for missing this one and Karen for pointing it out LOL "needless") to say he had a ball, thanks Kev and the instructor who took him up and brought him back safely!!!  Hope it's not a hobby he'll take up ......I still think it's madness.................
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Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Sue, You made me goggle with this post. I used to make lots and lots of bread before I started card making so I wondered when you wrote knead-less to say, instead of needless to say. Spell check wouldn't have caught that because it is a word, just not the right one. Thanks for the laugh! Glad your husband had a safe time!

Anonymous said...

I agree! At least the boss is back on land safely.

craftieodmae said...

I would DIE!!!!