Tuesday 2 August 2016

More Sharpie Fun this time with fabric.....

Hello, I mentioned whilst in the US I bought a stack of Sharpies. 
When I arrived home I found a small set of  Stained Sharpies in our local Office Works. These are designed to colour fabric...how could I resist!

I had a small piece of Homespun fabric sitting around so started playing.  I used the markers to draw around star shapes, filling the shapes with colour.  A simple colouring job, nothing too fancy. These Stained Sharpies are almost fluorescent (quite bright).  I added dots and a striped border before carefully ironing to set the colours.  I put some scrap paper over the inked area just incase the colour transferred. It didn't.

The piece was sitting on my desk for a few days so I thought to use it in a zipped bag, big enough to carry all my Sharpies.   A quick, easy project adding some leather tabs as well as a small timber star. 

Now all my Sharpies are together and stored as recommended 'in a horizontal position'.

Didn't wash the piece but don't expect any problems.

Thanks for dropping by, till next time.......
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lostinpaper said...

You are so very clever Sue!

Anonymous said...

What a great project. So many colours! Great to have them all in one place in a custom designed pouch.

Lorraine's blog said...

Great project to do love Sharpies x