Tuesday 18 October 2016


It's been an age I know, but I've had little to share.  Time to sit and play has been limited and I've missed my little craft space.  The boss and I have been enjoying all kinds of different outings as well as sorting a few things in the house and garden.

Walshie and I are off to Sydney for a few days so I thought I'd better get a few treats ready for Halloween.  The shops are full of everything Halloween, never used to be like this :)
Anyway here's a selection I have ready after a bit of Pinterest research. :-)

Walshie likes the lollies on sticks with a tissue wrapped around to form ghosts. I had fun printing the faces and using my Cameo to cut the ghost and bat chocolate wrappers.  I managed to use up a few more googly eyes too ......I have so many :)

I've managed a little sewing, nothing too exciting but I thought I'd share them with you here.

I've taken to walking around the house with my phone. Nothing to do with calls but more to do with the health app which counts my steps!!  I added a pocket to the front as well as a pen loop so this little purse comes shopping too. 

My next little sewing project is a pen roll.

I have a growing collection of pens, so to keep them all together this was the perfect project.

I've grouped the pens I use for journalling in this roll. Fountain pens, brush pens and fine liners.  It's great to have them all together.

I've added a couple of new journals/notebooks to my stationary collection ready for next year.  The first is a great size to carry around in a handbag at 6 x 4 inches.  

 Just enough space to jot down quick notes each day, before writing up my Journal.

 The second is a Leuchtturn 1917 that I plan to use as my Bullet Journal.  I've been using a normal notebook to date,  but this one is gridded and the quality of the paper is great.   

Since I started using a BJ I keep everything here, notes, birthdays, appointments, recipes you name it!
No more scribbled notes on scraps of paper or individual notebooks for sewing, computer stuff etc. everything goes in here. I keep an index so I can find everything though next year I plan to colour code my pages too.

Do you keep a Journal? What about note keeping? Have you heard of the Bullet Journal System?
Read about it here or if you use Instagram you'll find many different ideas for keeping a Bullet Journal.  From very simple (like the original) to inspirational crafters versions, with drawings, painting, stickers, etc.

That's it, time for bed here.  Till next time.....

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craftieodmae said...

you never fail to amaze me!!!! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Great projects.
We don't do Halloween but have noticed how interest is increasing every year.
Great pen roll, I need to make a couple of these for my knitting needles - they are out of control at the moment. But first I need to do a few other projects. The purse is a great idea. Hubby bought me a fitbit a few years ago for Mother's day (at the time I thought it was a bit of back handed gift!) but I do love the way it tracks my steps! don't tell him though :)