Thursday 7 May 2009


OK I give up!!!!
If anyone can tell me how I can change the date that appears ahead of a post I would be very grateful!
I type up the details of my post the night before  and it keeps this date and time when I post the following morning.  I've tried going to POST OPTIONS and changing those with no luck. What am I doing wrong.  I've checked help and the forum - no help there!


Kathy Jones said...

I'm really not sure because I haven't tried this yet, but one of my friends told me to do the post options BEFORE you post it and it should have the correct date and time that you want. Her's obviously works because it's posted when I knew for a fact she was out at an event.

Anonymous said...

hi Sue if you have blogger which it looks like you do, On your "New Post Screen" where you write for the day, just under the post area you will see the words, "post" or "save as draft" there is a post option link just above that to the left...if you click on that you can change the date to whatever you'd like, even to the future!!!! 2090!!!!! LOL Hope this helps you out. Hugs~Donna

Spyder said...

Oh, what a great idea, helped me too! I just popped in to say I love your butterfly card!