Monday 19 August 2013


Thank you all those who left lovely comments on our holiday snaps :)  I didn't want to bore you with too many.......we took loads, as always.

How quickly you get back into a routine...... Monday morning and the alarm sounds at 4am....yuk!  The boss is up having packed an overnight bag last night, a quick shower and a cup of tea before he hits the road.  His reward (he says) after an early start and the 3 hour drive to work is an egg and bacon roll on arrival :)
Though I don't often get up with him (I'd just get in his way not being a morning person:) ) I'm awake and get an early start on the Monday morning chores, even having time for a quick card before I head out for some shopping.

I played a little more with AnnaBelle Stamps new pink rubber set Butterfly Sunshine.  Reading all your lovely comments after the Blog Hop, it seems to be a favourite set of lots of you :)
I should confess I had this coloured butterfly cut and ready to go, so this was a very quick card.

A bright card to kick of a Monday morning..........Thanks for looking :)



Robyn said...

My husband started work early this morning too. I was awake so I got up with him...but obviously not awake enough to think straight...I spread the toast with fruit chutney instead of jam Lol! Don't think I'll be asked to "help" get him off to work again in a hurry! Love your butterfly card. That background texture is very nice

Deborah Frings said...

Wow - 4am is a very early start. Mind, we're on holiday and Jonathan and I have been up at 5am most mornings!!!

Love your bright, vibrant card and the brick texture is super!

Melissa said...

Love this card.
So bright.

lostinpaper said...

So beautiful Sue!