Wednesday 29 January 2014

Lady in Red.

Hi Bloggers,

I visited a local Craft Fair late last year, not as big as the Sydney show but in a way just as good. In Sydney I got into the practice of walking around the floor once to take everything in then go back a second time trying to remember where I'd seen the things I couldn't leave behind :). Have you done that? It's so frustrating when you get home and remember at least one thing you meant to pick up and didn't!!!

Anyway the local show was smaller and not so spread out so very easy to remember what was where. Which was just as well when they had both of my favourite things covered.......Papercraft and Sewing!
The boss laughed when I walked in with lots of parcels and you should have seen the old fashioned look he gave me when I said  I'd saved so much time being able to stock up on products for two of my hobbies........pfhhhh

Enough chit chat, today's  CAS card is one made with a new set bought from the show.  The image is one of 4 such females and comes from Stamp In Style, another Australian stamp company from Northern NSW.  The Sentiment is from MFT Call Me. I used a Copic Multi Liner to draw the border detail.

Thoughts :   I remember when I could wear 4" heels :( and I loved red shoes. Still do (love red shoes that is).

See you soon,
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Angela said...

I'm laughing too Sue!! I usually buy from the first store as I know I will forget it later and then find it MUCH cheaper further on grrr my own fault, I should do the once around and write on the map!! Love the card too!

Anonymous said...

Great job.
Glad to hear you had fun at the fair. Looking forward to you sharing more from your purchases.
Popped my shoes on for work yesterday (first time I've worn heels since before Christmas) - boy was I glad to take them off.

Lorraine said...

I just love going to shows Sue the one in Manchester is a good one also I can see family which is always a bonus. Love the card, great image and I love the border you have done, was this freehand ?

lostinpaper said...

Me? I take a list or I would forget the only thing I 'actually need', glad you had fun and I got to see this cute card to boot, she's awesome!
ps I've never worn 4" heels, I'm nearly 6' without them.

Susan Hogan said...

A list sounds too organised - me, I stalk and then go back if I have time. Of course sometimes I get distracted by a pretty item I just have to have! Love this stamp -she looks like those red shoes are not worrying her pretty little mind!

craftieodmae said...

Super gorgeous, and yes we got a little snow, about an inch....but very cold!!!! Crazy weather, I'm in the mountains where we should get lots of white stuff, but those down south of here like in GA & AL got more than we did, crazy!!!! You stay cool out there in your summer weather LOL

Lorraine said...

I sent you a nice long e mail but it keeps bouncing back. Might see you in France then !!!!!! LOL XXX

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

I don't think I have ever worn 4 inch heels!!!!!!!! I might be short and could do with all the help I can get, but I know my limitations! Gorgeous card, love your border detail. xx M