Tuesday 22 April 2014

Everyone needs a hug sometimes..............


I've been having a bit of a tidy up in my 'playroom'.  Reorganising book shelves, drawers and desk space and I must say it's amazing the things you come across.  I've read all the sites that say putting things away, out of site means you forget just what supplies you own........I guess that's true BUT, and I hate to say this out loud but.......I'm a neat freak!  OK..... I said it quietly! I can't work in a muddle, that's not to say I don't spread things I'm using all across my desk......I do, but have to store everything back where it belongs when I've finished.  

I'm starting to think I have too much stuff and should really go through it all. I'm thinking my plain card stock could stay, but the patterned paper, which is mostly 6x6 pads could do with a clear out. Stamps.......oh folders full of them, some  not used in ages!  Any ideas about the best way to go about a clear out?  I'd love some suggestions.

Anyway, I do have a card to share......surprise, surprise

Sorting through the shelves I store my colouring tools I found my Gelatos, another of those 'must have items' I bought last year.  I made a watery wash using a lilac colour and flicked it over the base of my card.  I quite like this soft green and lilac colour combo. Using die cuts to decorate one side of the vellum stamped sentiment layer.

I have two good friends  struggling with health issues at the moment, both of them and their families in need of hugs ......guess I need to make one more!

Thanks for your visit today...........

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Anonymous said...

Lovely card. Hope your friends get through OK.
With some of my old supplies I give them to my 9 year old. Sometimes I give her a few punches and get her to punch out shapes - when we have a good pile we take them to her school art teacher (I always take my empty ribbon spools too). I think you will find the local Kindy and primary school would love any paper/consumables you have. If you want to go to the trouble of punching shapes maybe ask them first if they have a theme they would like that fits their programme. Eg Mother's day or Christmas. I haven't done this but a lot of people sell things on line. Sorry for the long reply - hope it is helpful.

Lorraine said...

I know what you mean Sue, I started a craft site on Facebook to sell locally we now have over 300 members and I am gradually clearing stuff and so are the members. Love the card need to play with my Gelatos. Hugs to you x

Melissa said...

This is a lovely card.
I am trying to reorganise my craft room too. Good luck xx