Saturday 26 April 2014

How's your Swing?


The 'boyfriend' has gone to visit our local Country Show, so I get to sit and play!
Haven't felt much like playing for a while....more about that later!  Anyway I took my Prisma's out to colour a little image I've had printed ready to go.  Oh ........ so nice to sit and colour again,

This is another card for a friend having shoulder surgery..... a golfer!  The sentiment inside says
"Hope you're back in the SWING soon"

I need to collect a few more sentiments to computer generate........any ideas?

Easter in our house was a pretty quiet affair, the bunny did visit so there was plenty of chocolate:). We also had a visit from Sydney friends which was great and helped take my mind of a back problem that just won't go away!
Tuesday morning I managed to see my Doctor who, apart from sending me for CT scan, gave me some meds for the pain until I can get an injection.....what fun ah!

That's enough sitting at the computer for me........see you soon.
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lostinpaper said...

Hope your back is sorted soon Sue, chronic pain (which for me is anything that last longer than 1 hour) is debilitating. Your friend is going to adore this fun card, the sentiment too is perfect!

Deborah Frings said...

Super fun image and so beautifully coloured! I hope your friend recovers from the surgery soon!

Lorraine said...

Sorry to hear about your back, not funny is it, hope you get relief soon. The card image is super, love your colouring. take care, let the `boyfriend` spoil you. xx off to see my daughter, her partner and grandson in Spain on the 2nd May cannot wait it seems an age since we saw them.

Skye said...

A sweet funny card. You friend will love it. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you get well soon

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't have to wait too long before you are pain free. Can't imagine not being able to do what I enjoy due to pain.
Gorgeous card - fab colouring. Glad you got a little chocolate at Easter :)

Susan Hogan said...

Ditto all the above and I love the card and your Prisma talent. Thought about something like "all your balls in a line????"......too smutty perhaps....Hope you're soon Tee-rific!.......