Wednesday 1 June 2016

A little taste of yum!

Good Morning,

We'll be in Houston, Texas when this post goes to air. Our trip to Disney included most of the theme parks and ended on a high, with the fireworks display and night time parade.  More about the trip soon.

Walshie and I both have a sweet tooth.  We are careful not to let it get out of hand, but every now and then we indulge :-)

I tried a new recipe the other week for a Caramel Slice.  It's something we both quite like with a good strong cup of coffee.  OK, this recipe should be on the naughty list, but occasionally, what's the harm, we live in a house with stairs, we get plenty of exercise 😉

I followed all the steps exactly but I thought it might be a fail.  The fudge had to be cooked in the microwave, which I think is a bit hard to judge.  It didn't look too much like fudge, so when I got to the pouring on melted chocolate, I said to Ian this could be a waist of a good block of Cadbury's.  He was a bit miffed as I'd sent him to the shops to buy said chocolate!  Still I carried on.

Anyhow after the slice spent the night in the fridge we cut into it to have with coffee, yum we both agreed it was seriously good and better than cafe bought. Though I should add that a little goes a long way!

So I'm sharing the recipe with you.  Oh go on, you know you want to try some :-)

Don't be put off by the microwave portion.....Once the fudge is added to the base and cooked in the oven it's fine.

I also froze some of mine, though to be honest we had some visitors who helped eat half of the tray!!

Till next time............ :-)



Large Block of eating chocolate (milk or plain)

For the base:
·      1 cup self raising flour
·      1 cup coconut
·      ½ cup brown sugar
·      5 ozs butter (melted)
For the filling:
·      2 tins of Condensed Milk
·      2 tablespoons butter
·      4 tablespoons golden syrup


The base:
·      Line a large (32cm) baking tray with baking paper.
·      Mix flour, sugar and coconut together in a glass bowl.
·      Add the melted butter and mix together to form a crumb.
·      Press the mixture into the prepared baking tray.
·      Bake in a moderate oven (180c) for 15 – 20 minutes or until just golden,

The Filling:
·      Melt all the ingredients together in a microwave safe bowl.
·      Using a lower than 100% setting in the microwave (70%) cook the fudge, checking and stirring every 2 minutes.  You need the fudge to thicken a bit and be a golden yellow colour.  (this is the bit I found difficult)
·      Pour the fudge over the cooked base.
·      Cook in the oven  for between 5 – 8 minutes @ 120c  until firm.
·      Remove from oven and cool.
·      Melt chocolate in your preferred way (I put mine in a dish over a pan of simmering water)
·      Once the base has cooled cover with the melted chocolate.
·      Place in the fridge overnight.
·      Slice using a sharp knife that has been dipped in hot water.
·      Keep in the fridge, taking out just prior to serving.

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Anonymous said...

Yum! My late Gran use to make one that had whipped cream on top! Love a caramel slice :) Thanks for the recipe.
Enjoy the trip.

Aileen said...

I love this slice. Its very popular here and none of it makes it to the freezer so I try to resist. Thanks for reminding me its time ti make it again.