Wednesday 31 August 2016



It's been a couple of weeks or three since I last posted to my blog. The Boss and I offered to 'dog sit' our friends Golden Retriever whilst they spent 3 weeks in China.  To lessen the stress on the dog we agreed to stay at their place for the duration, which has worked quite well except that I didn't bother to take any craft bits with me.   We've spent lots of time walking the beach, enjoying the late winter weather here,  it's been really lovely.

Last weekend we spent a day in our house, Walshie took the dog out for a couple of hours so I could sit and play....... It was nice to make a card and guess what.....It's my first Christmas card this year.  Yeah I know, but September tomorrow.....four months to go!!!!!

I hope you can just see the sparkle from Wink Of Stella added to the flower and holly.

Three different dies where used to cut the Wreath, Holly and Poinsettia with a corner die cut in red card stock.

 To finish off some pretty red Sprinkles from Sprinkleberry.


Now I'm interested to know what people think about changing Blog names against starting out fresh!

Things have changed so much here since Ian retired.  We spend much more time together which means I'm not posting to my blog as often as I used to in the early days.  

I must admit when we moved house (the second time) I was horrified at how much stuff I'd accumulated.  I gave away heaps and vowed to think before I bought in future.  As for my cards, I had quite a few boxes, more than I would use... so they went to Lifeline.  Since moving I don't think I've bought one new stamp! I'll always make cards, just not so many :).

My Blog name seems all wrong interests are slightly different.  I've been doing a bit more sewing and cardmakers  don't really want to see that!   

My Blog followers number 202 but I think it's probably more like why not start again!

Wha do you think?  Has anyone done this?  

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lostinpaper said...

Gorgeous and elegant Sue! I thought about changing my blog, actually buying a domain... although I'm not really sure what it means and what it would change, so i left it lol. sorry I can't be of more help, but I have heard that you can 'carry' things over.

Anonymous said...

Firstly this is a gorgeous card. Embarrassed to say I have some sprinkles I don't think I have opened - saving I don't know why.
Sounds lovely to have spent 3 weeks "away" - like a mini holiday! Although I don't know how you did it without anything crafty at all! I don't seem to be able to go for any type of car trip without a project or 2!
Secondly, I don't know about a name change. I think you have been following me since I began, thank you :) I certainly don't mind seeing anything you create whether it be a card or sewing or what "consuming your passion" is at the moment.

Juls said...

Stunning, love red & white together

Aileen said...

Beautiful card, love all the die cutting. I couldnt say either. My blog is my first and only been going a year so dont have any idea. I also dont know if you can change names or you need to start another and take your stuff over. You could always start another blog and put a link from this one to the other and from the other to this one. start the other in what ever way you want and those who want to check out your new blog can come and look and follow or not. Its so hard to know whos out there as people start following then stop reading or just read and never comment. Best of luck and will wait to follow you.

Ann said...

Love this Christmas card Sue! I think you and Therese were some of the first blogs I followed, and thank you for following mine! I did change my blog name (it used to be Cardmaking 101 - ugh!), though I hasten to add that I don't think yours needs a change. To me, a consuming passion is just that - who says it has to be only cards! However, when I changed my blog name and hence my URL, I found a way to re-direct any visitors to my new site. I can't say exactly how I did that, but it mustn't have been difficult, because I'm not so smart with IT lol! However, as Vicki has also expressed, I am more than happy to see whatever it is that is your current passion - I loved the post about renovating a sideboard - showed it to my DH, and we have a project in mind to try it out on. Please continue to post when you feel like it and share whatever it is you are enjoying - I for one love peeking in on other's passions - of the creative kind:) Hope this doesn't sound too dictatorial! hugs, Ann

Lorraine's blog said...

Love the card so elegant. Not sure I would change the name of my blog as I have got so used to it