Sunday 8 November 2009

Hi the bag lady's here!!!!

Hi blogger's!

How's your week end been?

Thought I should just let you know that I'm still here even though I haven't posted a card in a few days!
I've been cleaning up! I've had a bee in my bonnet about getting rid of all the 'stuff' I put away in cupboards 'just in case'!!! Does anyone else do that? you know keep things just in case. My linen cupboard was bulging at the seams with bedding that I've had for ever - towels, table clothes I had loads......Not anymore!
Now, you know there are only the two of us with four bedrooms here, each with a wardrobe in and I have to tell you, I had (we had) clothes in every one! I found two suites I'd brought with me from the UK 23 years ago......why ever would I have kept them... my old Airline handbag. Oh and hats I wore to my brothers and sisters weddings in the UK .....for goodness sake!! I've even got MY wedding dress and hat, but could'nt throw that out could I!!!
Well it's all gone no looking back......four big bin bags of clothes sitting in the back of 'Walshies' car ready for the clothing bin. One more with old towels etc for the rag bin and a box of nic nacs for the Salvation Army or Vinnie's. It feels soooooooo good!!!

Walshie wants to know when I plan to go through my craft room!!!!!!!!! Errr

Hope to get on with some cards tomorrow.

Till next time.......


Betty Benton said...

The only way to get rid of things in your craft room is to use them on cards!!! Definitely, no throwing out!!!

CraftieConnie said...

Well my busy little Bee! It is nice to get things into order! Just tell Walshie to leave your craft room alone. Anxious to see your new projects!

Selma said...

Just did some of that too Sue. Love to get rid of stuff I no longer need or use. But when it comes to my stamping room I can't part with a thing. My husband keeps telling me I could open a stamp store, LOL. I just keep telling him, but I use it ALL!