Thursday 12 January 2012

A Rant and the beautiful Silhouette Gardens......

Hi Blogger's,

I have a confession to make (insert sheepish grin!). Remember  my WORD for the year?   Yes that one!!!  Oh dear,  I really 'lost it' on Tuesday with a boy, the manager as it happens (straight out of kindergarten - I think) in our local photo developing shop.  

To cut a long story short, the photos we took over Christmas for our photography class had been chopped and darkened so much they were horrid!  His answer to my reasonable (I thought) enquiry as to why this should be..... given that I had chosen the right settings on my (expensive) camera  was that I shouldn't expect what I see on  a computer screen AND their machines in store, for that matter,  which are calibrated to industry standard (Oh yeah). As these are both back lit.. and that apparently makes a big difference!
Well wish you could have heard the conversation from then on.......maybe it's good you didn't!!
I was offered a refund with them keeping our photos. I declined, preferring to show them to the class letting everyone know where I received this 'wonderful' service...... so much for Serenity ah! 

Needless to say our photography 'teacher' pulled all the excuses to pieces............Be warned......what you take on your camera is not always what you'll receive back.......'THEY' calibrate their machines so as not to disappoint  the average point and click photographer.  Me thinks they tweak the machines and can't be bothered to check what thay are actually printing.

Ah well I've ranted, I feel better, shame about my WORD though!  The boss has taken the photos to the Camera shop to have them developed this morning!

Perhaps I can make up for my rant by sharing a card today.

I've cased a card I saw here. Loved the idea and thought it would be perfect for AnnaBelle Stamps NEW set (due 14th January) Silhouette Gardens.  I've made mine very CAS just one layer over the card base with some silver twine to add the shine.  The swipes of red come from the one wide tipped Copic marker I own......think I'd like a few more of these though It's a great idea for quick cards....don't you think.

Thanks for listening to my grumble, I'm all good now........:)



G Peplow said...

How blooming annoying, I'm afraid I would have ranted too, so disappointing for you. Love your card though, brilliant pink and stamping:0) Gay xxx

craftieodmae said...

I love the card!!!! Simple yet powerful!!!

Auntie Em said...

Love your CAS card with the red swipes! The black silhouette looks great on it.
I don't have any wide copics but I might try it with a wide flat brush.
Thanks for sharing this pretty style. :)

Deborah Frings said...

How annoying about your photos - I hope the new ones will turn out better.

Love your card - the colour is fab and the silhouette garden stamp is lovely!

I'm sure that you will be feeling serene again soon!

Gibmiss said...

Wowee ..... Love your card and you say it was easy. It looks stunning
Sylvie xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card with those 'new' stamps Sue! Only a few days til release! Love your background, it's so graphic.
Find another developer... someone who does take the time to vet your photos, it does make all the difference doesn't it!

Fiona said...

Wow beautiful card Sue, love it.
Hope you find somewhere better to print your photos :-).

Andrea said...

Love, love, love it Sue! Just stunning!
I have one of the wide Copics as well...we must have done the same class lol!

Andrea said...

Sorry, meant to say, I'd have a rant too!!

Sue said...

Oh the serentity-lol!!! sounds like it is just oozing from you, glad you didn't take it laying down!!
on a happier note your card it brilliant, a tribute to the 'CASED' card, love how you have used the wide marker!! :)

The Other Patti Sue said...

You crack me up... I think I would have been less then serene myself! Super awesome card! Love the swipe of ink!

Lorraine said...

I might have to case this card also Sue. Loved your rant story. Hugs x

Janett said...

Oh Sue somtimes you half to let it out. So for customber service. Love your card I may need some of these wide markers. Have a happy day.

Kym Weber said...

Don't you just love customer service? Especially when they're so young and think they know it all!

Well anyways, beautiful card! Love the clean and simple look! So striking!

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

Love the swipes if ink, great idea.

I once picked my pictures up and found every single one of the 125 odd photos pixelated. It was enough to convince me their machine was stuffed. Some jumping up and down later I got my money back AND my photos, pixelated and all. Then went down the road and got someone else to do them ... no probs. Needless to say I never went back to place #1!

Marion said...

Nice work Sue...I wouldn't be game enough to do anything like this, but you have pulled it off to perfection!