Wednesday 12 January 2011

Please, please, if you can!!!!

Hello Blogger's

At the start of the year I mentioned in my blog post that we should all spare a thought for those who had a very uncertain start to the new year.  I had one person in mind, I didn't name her but would like you to go to this link to read about Katie. Katie is one of us, a card maker who received life changing news.

Please if you can, join in the fund raising for her and her young family. If it's difficult for you just now, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.



Robyn said...

Thank you for sharing Katie's story sad....I would like to help but I don't have paypal- do you know how else I could get the money there?

Andrea said...

Thanks for the link Sue :)

Deborah Frings said...

Hi Sue - it's so sad for Katie and her family. I've been to Jak's and bought the stamp set they're selling to raise funds. I've been sending positive thoughts.