Sunday 19 July 2009

What a mad couple of days!!!

Sorry I haven't posted again for a couple of days - cards tomorrow (well later today that is!).
Kerrie and I have been chatting on Skype with our Stamp TV friends over in the USA and Canada!! It's so much nicer to speak with people don't you think? we chat over the Internet but it's not the same as actually talking. We had a conference call four of us and tomorrow we hope to have all seven fingers crossed! You know what it's going to be like all talking at one lol!!!!
Anyway I'm halfway through a card so watch this space - don't go too far away!!!!!

Nite Connie, Olga, Kez

Till later............


CraftieConnie said...

Nighty Night SUE! My beautiful porcelaine Rose!

Debbie Pamment said...

Sounds like fun! I must get back to Stamp TV - it's been a crazy week so far with everyone back at school and work!! Am soooo far behind - LOL

craftieodmae said...

Just saw this one, Sat. night was a hoot! I loved until next time, have a good one! Olga